Digital Work Order Management

Orchestrate any process in your factory with easy to use workflow tools designed for manufacturing

Learn about TilliT’s digital workflow

 Step 1: Order ready

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Step 2: Order starts

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Step 3: Order completed

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Step 4: Order report

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Manufacturing -specific workflow

Built for manufacturing processes, TilliT’s workflow engine can be easily set up to represent common scenarios around the plant.

  • The system is “aware” of the production order lifecycle –  the workflow can dispatch activities to operators to perform process transitions like start, pause, status complete
  • TilliT orchestrates people, processes and equipment by using a connected workflow that responds to events and status changes
  • The end result – you can trigger operator activities based on what’s happening on the shop floor.

Order ready

Time to get all the activities done to ready the factory for production. A pre-start check sheet is a common way to validate that operation is ready to start.

  • NDefine the mandatory or optional tasks an operator needs to perform to ready the operation. Even adding tasks such as pass-fail inspections validates that someone took the time and is accountable for that activity
  • NEnsure that all the order information such as quantities and critical attributes is correct.

Order starts

The workflow now knows your order is running. Schedule any recurring activity, such as a sampling product quality tests or x-ray sensor test.

  • NRun recurring activities based on a time interval or use the production counts to execute activities after a certain number of products have been produced
  • NListen to events from your machines (such as breakdowns or cycle finished) to trigger an activity for an operator to perform a task
  • NAccumulate all order data so you can correlate issues or trends around products or characteristics of your production.

Order completed

Production finished. Time for some clean-up activities or positive release. A quick check on the history of the order allows you to validate that there are no non-conformances.

  • NTrack the history of every event in the order in a timeline view. Visualize both events from equipment and operators in one audit-thread
  • NCapture important KPIs against the order such as OEE (including quality) and process adherence against the order
  • NRefresh your order list and get ready for the next order. TilliT is always ready to inform the operations team what to do next.

Order report

Full end-to-end tracking of everything related to an order, from quality checks to asset performance and events, delivers the ultimate control to a manufacturing operation.

  • NPer order, per shift or per day - visualize OEE, quality, performance, schedule adherence, order fulfillment and many other measures
  • NVisualize all data entered and look for trends and out-of-control variables
  • NAnalyze downtime reason codes or issues in a pie chart to guide your continuous improvement focus.