Perfect for food production

With TilliT, food manufacturers can produce efficiently, consistently and at optimal quality. This is made possible by helping to digitalize every aspect of a food production process from beginning to end, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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TilliT sets you up for success

TilliT is a no-code, simple to setup digital factory platform, combining asset performance monitoring and quality management in one platform for a cost-effective, comprehensive solution.

Equipment & line set up

Tedious, time-consuming manual checks are a thing of the past with TilliT. Pre-start processes, equipment cleaning, set-points and more are all available at your operators’ fingertips, enabling quicker setup and fast-tracked maintenance and supervisor signoffs – prior to moving to order readiness.

Order Readiness

TilliT’s powerful technology connects operators with the shop floor seamlessly. Real-time updates alert them on the progress of ingredient preparation activities, raw material tolerance issues, and batch labelling – to ensure orders are ready on time, every time.

Machine Efficiency Measured

Increased visibility across your manufacturing line offers an added layer of machine management. Gain a better understanding of runtime, delays, and line stoppages, and track Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) improvement over time to make meaningful improvements.

Do these issues sound familiar? TilliT can fix these and more.

Audit compliant, at all times

Gain increased control over your operation and quality of your product to maximise customer confidence. TilliT provides operations managers with real-time visibility across all aspects of operations, ensuring you’re compliant, every step of the way.

  • NCreate a full audit report on-demand at the push of a button
  • NDesigned to satisfy regulatory requirements in a range of locations
  • NEnhanced visibility via a personalized TilliT dashboard, available on tablets, smart phones, laptops, and other devices.
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Sounding all too familiar? TilliT can help.

Small inefficiencies in day-to-day manufacturing operations build up to have significant implications over time.

If one or many of the tasks or processes above are not optimized in your operation, there’s room for improvement! All of these can be managed effectively in TilliT without the need to record anything on paper.

We can automate most manufacturing processes for food companies.

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