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TilliT’s no-code digital platform helps you sell more of your services and solutions to your clients

Are your clients aiming to improve operational processes and adopt technology solutions?

Partnering with TilliT is the win-win solution you’ve been searching for.

TilliT’s no-code, simple to set up, digital factory platform provides an integrated way to plan, execute and analyze manufacturing processes in one out-of-the-box cloud application.

It’s the cloud-based solution changing the game for small-to-medium manufacturing businesses, with a fast-growing list of industry success stories.

TilliT Partners

Backed by SAGE Group

Backed by a global company with a team of 600+ people across two continents, TilliT has quickly developed meaningful partnerships with leading companies, supporting their client-facing business goals.

Partner Engagement Model


Technical assessment, feasibility and trial (as required)

Sales Onboarding

2 weeks

Technical Training

4-6 weeks

Support & Optimization


The TilliT Partner Engagement Model provides systems integrators, consultants, resellers and thought leaders with a rapid onboarding approach to clarify how TilliT can add value fast for their clients.

We’ll walk you through commercial negotiation, product training, technology enablement, co-sell and marketing process – incorporating aspects of strategic and tactical go-to-market collaboration.

This simple partnership model accelerates customer satisfaction and provides an opportunity for a long-term partnership for both systems integrators and consultants looking to improve their client’s bottom line.


TilliT enables manufactures of all shapes and sizes to optimize their operation with features that have previously only been available for large and enterprise size organizations.

Asset Performance

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Digital Work Order Management

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Production Scheduling

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Quality Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need servers or to worry about hosting the solution?

No. The platform is hosted in the cloud, and the subscription is all you need to pay. The moment you register a new account, TilliT is ready for you to use.

What kind of devices do I need in the factory?

Any device that can use a modern browser to navigate the web can be connected to TilliT. We recommend using tablets and mobile devices for mobility areas, which can mean a more efficient worker. Desktop computers can be used for stations where data collection is centralised.

Do I need to install any software?

For the regular user, you will only need a web browser. For admins, you may want to install the TilliT Excel Add-in that allows you to manage configuration and load bulk data.

What skills are required to set up the system?

After going through a training session (no longer than a couple of hours), anyone should be capable of configuring TilliT!

We recommend you select a champion that will be the main person doing the configuration. We’ve seen Quality Managers, data/business analysts or plant managers take on the role of 'champion'. The elected person will be trained and can use the help portal to set up the system. No coding or prior technical skills are required.

Do I have to use all the features?

No. You can choose to activate the things that are currently missing from your operation and add value to your business.

What is included in the main license?

Included with a TilliT license are workflow, order execution and quality management. If you add a TilliT Edge, you will have access to asset performance.

For the production scheduling capability, you will need an added scheduling license.

Where do I go from here?

Ready to see how TilliT fits with your business? Feel free to book a live demo with us. We'll take our time to understand your situation and advise you on the next steps.

How much does it cost?

TilliT is a fraction of the cost compared to alternatives. Visit our pricing page to learn more.