A Flexible Platform For All Manufacturers

With TilliT, any manufacturer can improve their operational performance with a configurable platform for the shop floor.

This is made possible by helping to connect and digitalize every aspect of your production process from beginning to end, enhancing overall operational efficiency and improving quality.

TilliT is a modular solution

Production scheduling

Manually drag and drop work orders and tasks or use AI automation to rapidly generate schedules. Minimize setup and changeovers while managing inventory shortfalls and reducing wasted time.

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Digital work order

Track and manage the full lifecycle of your production process. Start and complete jobs, then monitor order progress including every event and activity necessary to convert raw materials into finished goods.

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OEE metrics

Connect your assets, lines and work centres to TilliT using our cloud-connected approach and instantly gain visibility of your equipment availability and performance.

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Paperless quality

Communicate quality activities with your team at exactly the right time and guide them through the process. Capture completed checks as they happen, alert operators to upcoming tasks and measure completion conformance.

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Knowledge management

Capture the knowledge of your most experienced staff. Guide new employees in the best practices for every action with digital SOPs that can incorporate video, documents, and other links.

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Use our TilliT Edge to connect to Wireless Counter Sensors or your control systems, leveraging machine onboard data or pre-existing sensors. Setup is easy and doesn’t require engineering or development.

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Production Scheduling

TilliT Scheduling simplifies the complex task of creating, updating and publishing production schedules. It easily manages complex operational constraints, improves visibility and adapts to constant changes to ensure what you schedule is what happens on the shop floor.

  • Model operational complexity with ease including equipment, personnel, materials, inventory, routes, and shifts
  • Analyse scenarios against multiple objectives, dynamically manage schedule adherence and compare multiple what-ifs
  • Automate your scheduling and predict plant performance using Artificial Intelligence algorithms to improve scheduling velocity and accuracy.

Digital Work Order

TilliT is “Order Aware” at the core, with every aspect of an order understood and carried through the full lifecycle.

  • Either manually start and complete orders or connect your SCADA to TilliT to leverage from events raised against any trigger
  • Track adherence to scheduled start and end times, and quantity of every order
  • Replace your paper-based job spec and attach order-specific tolerances, attributes, SOP’s plus any other documentation required for execution, including guided training.

OEE Metrics

Get the most from your assets. TilliT monitors availability and performance for your work-centres, production lines or cells. Following simple setup, you get:

  • Visibility of downtime information, and the ability to assign reasons for longer stops
  • Track over-time performance against a standard rate in real-time
  • Understand root causes of failures with the correlation of information gathered against material and orders.

Paperless Quality

Ensure consistent processes and optimal quality control. TilliT provides your operators with a digital platform that helps eliminate human error by providing the information they need, when they need it.

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface can be set up in a few hours, ready to train and use
  • Trace quality measurements against upper and lower tolerances
  • Delivers the information operators need, when they need it – right to their fingertips
  • Immediately alerts against out-of-specification products, plus you can build your own escalation process.


Knowledge Management

Make every operator smarter with a knowledge management process that shows the right information at the right time and in the right place for the desired outcome – whether it is for safety, regulatory compliance or efficiency.

  • Digitalize your Standard Operating Procedures and Instantiate them during
    the execution of a manufacturing process.
  • Deliver rich text, images and even video through mobile and web
    interfaces and in any language to guide your people on best practices.
  • Manage and Maintain your Manufacturing Knowledge Base and integrate
    with other knowledge and training systems throughout your organization.


TilliT combines an Edge device that can be either connected to SCADA or PLC, or it can be used in combination with a battery-powered wireless counter, so it can be installed in any production line without complication.

  • With just the counter, TilliT is able to provide availability and performance metrics to a reporting system via a web portal or via api connection.
  • If connected to a SCADA or PLC, TillliT will also be able to track process variables like temperature and pressure using existing sensors.
  • TilliT Edge is built for TilliT Cloud, which means its configuration is straight forward and requires no coding or engineering.
  • TilliT Edge supports a range of protocols such as OPC-UA, Ethernet/IP, Profinet and Modbus. I can also be paired with protocol converters.

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