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TilliT is a comprehensive digital platform that delivers forward-looking insights, real-time visibility and operational control to your factory.

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Enabling people, processes and
equipment – all in one place

TilliT is a no-code, simple to set up, digital factory platform, that provides an integrated way to plan,

execute and analyze manufacturing processes – in one out-of-the-box cloud application.


TilliT provides quality and plant managers with real-time visibility into people, processes and equipment all in one place. You’ll always know what’s happening on your factory floor.

End-to-end production management

TilliT communicates planned activities with your team at exactly the right time and guides them through task execution. It captures completed and expired tasks as they happen.


It’s quick and easy to integrate TilliT into your plant, leveraging existing automation infrastructure or using independent sensors.

TilliT for the Operator

TilliT helps eliminate human errors, providing operators with a digital platform to ensure consistent processes and optimal quality control.

  • NFeatures an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that requires no code to setup, train and operate
  • NAllows operators to be guided by workflow tasks
  • NDelivers the information operators need, when they need it – right to their fingertips

TilliT for the
Plant Manager

TilliT provides operations managers with real-time visibility into operations, optimizing machines and personnel right across the shop floor.

  • NExecute activities to provide an at-a-glance overview of your people, production lines and performance
  • NEnables you to continuously improve procedures and production control measures
  • NModernizes and digitizes your paper-based processes, activity logs and data collection.

Five tools in one

TilliT combines asset performance, work order execution, digital workflow, quality management and production scheduling in one place.

Greater control

In addition to efficiency and visibility, TilliT ensures managers are ‘always on’ and in command of what’s happening in the plant.

Real-time information

With instantaneous data on any device, anywhere, you can tackle quality issues before they happen.

Budget-friendly pricing

Getting up and running on TilliT is quick, easy and affordable, with several pricing plans available.

Measure your success

Our platform ensures your operations are on target, giving you real-time insights on factory and operator task performance.

Depend on data

TilliT keeps accurate, high-quality digital records of activities as they happen, capturing a complete audit history to safeguard your operations.

Manage your activities

TilliT guides you through your set tasks and checklists with digitalized and prioritized workflows. It tells you what you need to do and when you need to do it.

How TilliT works and what it does for manufacturing

TilliT is a Nordic word meaning ‘trust’, ‘faith’ and ‘confidence’, because that’s what our solution instils in its users. By orchestrating people, processes and equipment, our platform can transform your manufacturing environment.

  • NQuickly and easily integrates into your equipment
  • N Provides whole-of-plant visibility
  • NEnsures adherence to standards and processes

End-to-end visibility, wherever you are

Access real-time data from the shop floor and request urgent tasks instantly, wherever you are, on any device. Maximizing the user experience, TilliT ensures you have complete, end-to-end visibility of your operations using our comprehensive, easy-to-use interface.   

  • NUse TilliT on any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, Mac or PC) – the choice is yours!
  • NReal-time visibility of availability, performance, quality and OEE across the shop floor, wherever you are.
  • NRequest tasks and monitor progress with a simple touch of your screen using TilliT’s user-friendly interface.

Increase efficiencies, save time and money

With the enhanced visibility that TilliT provides, your factory floor will:

  • NDeliver more output
  • NPerform better quality control
  • NReduce overall waste through better batch control
  • NDecrease recall costs, mitigate issues during audits and increase process adherence.

Our connected

Installed on the source, TilliT Edge is our communications device that easily connects control systems and manufacturing
equipment. It is used to securely talk from the client site over the internet using secure communications protocols to the TilliT cloud server. TilliT Edge is shipped ready to be added to your facility.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need servers or to worry about hosting the solution?

No. The platform is hosted in the cloud, and the subscription is all you need to pay. The moment you register a new account, TilliT is ready for you to use.

What kind of devices do I need in the factory?

Any device that can use a modern browser to navigate the web can be connected to TilliT. We recommend using tablets and mobile devices for mobility areas, which can mean a more efficient worker. Desktop computers can be used for stations where data collection is centralised.

Do I need to install any software?

For the regular user, you will only need a web browser. For admins, you may want to install the TilliT Excel Add-in that allows you to manage configuration and load bulk data.

What skills are required to set up the system?

After going through a training session (no longer than a couple of hours), anyone should be capable of configuring TilliT!

We recommend you select a champion that will be the main person doing the configuration. We’ve seen Quality Managers, data/business analysts or plant managers take on the role of ‘champion’. The elected person will be trained and can use the help portal to set up the system. No coding or prior technical skills are required.

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TilliT is the chosen quality management platform for leading rubber, wine and food manufacturers. Find out about the benefits they are seeing, thanks to TilliT.  

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  • NReal-time information
  • NQuick and easy integration

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