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TilliT is a comprehensive digital platform that delivers forward-looking insights, real-time visibility and operational control to your factory.

Enabling people, processes and equipment – all in one place

TilliT is a no-code, simple to set up, digital factory platform that provides an integrated way to plan, execute and analyze manufacturing processes in one out-of-the-box cloud application.


TilliT provides quality and plant managers with real-time visibility into people, processes and equipment all in one place. You’ll always know what’s happening on your factory floor.

End-to-end production management

TilliT communicates planned activities with your team at exactly the right time and guides them through task execution. It captures completed and expired tasks as they happen.


It’s quick and easy to integrate TilliT into your plant by leveraging existing automation infrastructure or by using independent sensors.

Winner in two categories for the

Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Award

Technology Application Award

Industrial Product of the Year

TilliT is a modular solution

Asset performance

Connect your assets, lines and work centres to TilliT using our cloud-connected approach and instantly gain visibility of your equipment availability and performance.

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Production scheduling

Manually drag and drop work orders and tasks or use AI automation to rapidly generate schedules. Minimize setup and changeovers while managing inventory shortfalls and reducing wasted time.

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Order execution

Track and manage the full lifecycle of your production process. Start and complete jobs, then monitor order progress including every event and activity necessary to convert raw materials into finished goods.

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Digital workflow

Create, adjust and maintain your own workflows for any production process. Build custom checks and tasks using graphical workflow modelling with manufacturing-specific features built in.

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Quality management

Communicate quality activities with your team at exactly the right time and guide them through the process. Capture completed checks as they happen, alert operators to upcoming tasks and measure completion conformance.

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Use our TilliT Edge to connect to Wireless Counter Sensors or your control systems, leveraging machine onboard data or pre-existing sensors. Setup is easy and doesn’t require engineering or development.

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End-to-end visibility, wherever you are

Access real-time data from the entire operation and manage urgent tasks instantly, wherever you are, on any device. TilliT provides complete, end-to-end visibility of your factories with a comprehensive and easy to use interface.

  • NUse TilliT on any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, Mac or PC) – the choice is yours!
  • NReal-time visibility of availability, performance, quality and OEE across the shop floor, wherever you are.
  • NRequest tasks and monitor progress with a simple touch of your screen using TilliT’s user-friendly interface.
  • NReceive notifications via SMS or email triggered by your own custom business rules.

Where are you on your digital transformation journey?

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Designed for Management and Operators from all Departments

Production Management

Production and operations managers gain real-time visibility of your production process, providing insight into machines, material, and people for total end-to-end visibility.

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Quality Managers & QA/QC Staff

Quality teams can quickly see the results of all quality checks, driving a faster audit process and allowing a positive release to be performed in half the time.

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Maintenance Management

Maintenance staff easily see asset performance, downtimes, and OEE, ensuring the production process is running smoothly while being able to issue tasks for preventative maintenance.

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Continuous Improvement

TilliT is the perfect tool to drive Lean Six Sigma or any improvement process. With data captured in a structured way, reporting and analyzing to find places to improve becomes reality.

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The Connected Worker

TilliT is not a paper on glass solution or a pull-based system, instead guiding operators through each process on your unique shop floor and synchronizing people, processes, and equipment.

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Named 2022 Gold Medalist

MES Leader

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need servers or to worry about hosting the solution?

No. The platform is hosted in the cloud, and the subscription is all you need to pay. The moment you register a new account, TilliT is ready for you to use.

What kind of devices do I need in the factory?

Any device that can use a modern browser to navigate the web can be connected to TilliT. We recommend using tablets and mobile devices for mobility areas, which can mean a more efficient worker. Desktop computers can be used for stations where data collection is centralised.

Do I need to install any software?

For the regular user, you will only need a web browser. For admins, you may want to install the TilliT Excel Add-in that allows you to manage configuration and load bulk data.

What skills are required to set up the system?

After going through a training session (no longer than a couple of hours), anyone should be capable of configuring TilliT!

We recommend you select a champion that will be the main person doing the configuration. We’ve seen Quality Managers, data/business analysts or plant managers take on the role of ‘champion’. The elected person will be trained and can use the help portal to set up the system. No coding or prior technical skills are required.

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  • NReal-time information
  • NQuick and easy integration

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